Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ceiling fan re-do

My hubby's idea of redecorating is buying a new shower curtain. Seriously. And one should only attempt that when said curtain is so old it's changing colors or falling apart. Heavy sigh.  

It came as no surprise, then, when my desire to remove the dining room ceiling fan was met with shock and disdain. I'd been threatening to do this since we moved in 15 years ago. I'm a lil' slow.

I forgot to take a 'before' shot, but this is what the fan looked like (add a layer of dust just to keep it real....)

 He: It's a perfectly good fan. Why take it down? (Husband translation: Ah, man. More work for me.)

Me: Who puts a ceiling fan over a dining room table?! (Wife translation: This is happening. Fall in line, mister.)

I adore pendant shades, and since hubby wasn't onboard with removing the fan, I decided to blend the two. The finished product first, then the directions. Ain't she purdy?

Another view. Me likey.


This project came in under $5. The shade is a $2.99 Goodwill find. I removed the globe, snapped it in place and it fit perfectly. I don't know exact terminology, but I didn't use what I call 'normal' lampshade, i.e., the kind that fits over the bulb on the harp and is secured by a finial. The type I used is placed on the lamp, underneath the base of the bulb.

The black spray paint cost about $2.00. The fabric is left-over from the curtain modification in this room. (I'll post on that later). 

I'd initially planned to use hot glue, but I was out of glue sticks. I had leftover spray adhesive and that worked. There were a few places I had to break out the liquid nails adhesive, but I think was due to the way I cut the fabric.

I still need to paint over the overspray and purchase a pull chain, but I'm thrilled with the outcome. Best part? Hubby loves it.

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  1. Cool, Hey how did you hang the shade?