Thursday, November 17, 2011

No butter? No problem....

A few hours away from home seemed to be at odds with my desire for a chili dinner, until I pulled out the old crock pot. Gotta love'em. Really, you do....

I weaned myself from spaghetti sauce in a jar a while ago (more on that later), so after browning the beef, I tossed the sauce fixin's, spices and veggies into the pot, put a few taters in the oven and left to run errands.

You're probably thinking 'why didn't she just pop the taters in the microwave when she returned?' Well, we don't own one. Haven't for years- five, maybe six, I honestly can't recall. When the one we owned stopped working, the fact that I didn't mind using the stove for warm-overs coupled with the instant elimination of microwave popcorn, pizza and other foodstuffs that are clearly not the healthiest fare resulted in a microwave-free home. We get the occassional 'what?!' from visitors, but they usually get over it. Usually.

Back to our story. Our return was perfectly time: the crockpout chili and the baked taters were done and our stomachs were ready.

Then it happened: no butter. When it comes to butter, I'm the African American Paula Dean. That's right, y'all. The only reason I can explain the absence of butter in the house is that is had to be the day or two before shopping day. You know how that is. Anyhoo, we were ready to eat with no butter for the taters when I got an absolutely genius idea.

*cue singing*

That's right. A dab (or two) of parmesan ranch dressing along with the prerequesite salt and pepper did the trick. Hubby loved it, the girls didn't complain. This is a stop-gap we may use on purpose next time. I know someone else has surely used this, it just excited me. I'll share my chili and homemade spaghetti sauce recipes in a later post. Bye, y'all.

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