Thursday, June 9, 2011

A walk thru Olde Towne

My work as a freelance reporter for our local newspaper occassionally takes me into the Olde Towne  section of Portsmouth, VA.  It's beautiful, people. Dating back to the 1600's, the neighborhood has original homes and churches from the era- several listed on the National Historic Registry, ecletic shops, and great restaurants, all framed by the Elizabeth River. {heavy, happy sigh}.  Join me for an (online) walking tour.

I was there to cover a tree-planting honoring the memory of Adelaide Eberly, known throughout our city as 'The Tree Lady' for her work in planting 3000+ trees in Portsmouth over a 38 year span. It was a ftting tribute to a remarkable woman. Here, garden club members join our vice mayor at the ceremony.

See that arch in the background? That's The Lafayette Arch, built during our country's bicentnnial to honor the Marquis de Lafayette's service during the Revolutionary War and his trip to the city in 1824.  Spoiler alert: I am obsessed with enjoy history and P-town is chock full of history from the Revolutionary War to WWII and all points between.  That's Olde Towne in the background. Let's begin our tour....
How beautiful is this? This house was built circa 1880 and sits at the end of a beautiful, tree lined street. Steps away from a park (meaning there are kids in the neighborhood). Is it just me or does it look both regal and inviting?
Shut.up.  Can you imagine a nap on that top porch? Heaven.
Filming a commercial or documentary. The gentleman in the period costume is explaining that the building behind him was converted from a hotel into a jail during the war. Interesting....
If  I ask nicely, do you think they'd let me live here?

This picture really doesn't do this justice. The colors (including the plants) were amazing. While I prefer something different architecturally, I'm tellin' ya, I stood in the street for a few seconds with my mouth hanging open. Bea.u.ti.ful.

Love that cottage look, and it faces the water. Cool beans....

Isn't that house with the awning just about perfect?!  I was so preoccupied with getting this shot that I didn't see the older gentleman sitting on the porch. I'm sure he was thinking, "Now, what goes on here? And why is that young filly fighting with her camera?"  He didn't say anything though. Hey, he lives in an historic district; he's probably used to folks snapping pics of his house.
Really?  Must you be beautiful, well landscaped AND patriotic?  And why tempt ye me with the rockers?

That's all I have today. I've got a few other tours in mind. Stay tuned....

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