Friday, June 10, 2011

Frugal Friday- Wall Hanging

I love wall-hangings. They're a great way to add color to a room, to centralize the room's focus or the blend the varying hues used in decorating. There's something so French Country/Meditteranean about them, and perhaps because these are the two decorating styles I enjoy most, it just speaks to me. Isn't this stunning?
Hmmmm, at a cost of nearly 200 beans (and thats without the rod, finials and tassels), I think I'll pass.....

Another beauty. But even the sale price of $160 (again, that's for the tapestry alone) is more than I'd like to pay....

Cobalt Mosaic I Tapestry Wall Hanging

I was certain my friends at Kirkland's would have a tapestry that wouldn't break the bank, but I didn't see one on their website. Their closest store is a city away and I didn't feel like making that drive. Besides, by that time, I was kinda thinking I could make one myself....

 I was thrift-store shopping sometime later and came across a reversable cloth wall hanging. (Has that ever happened to you?  You're looking for something and it shows up..:) She was a beaut. Price? $3.99. One of the two tabs for the rod was missing, but I wasn't put-off at all by that. I brought a $5.00 rod from Big Lots, a package of cafe curtain rings from Wal-Mart, and threw her on the wall that leads to the second floor.  Here's how she looks when you step through the front door.

The view from the top of the stairs....

The sign over the hanging displays Homer's assertion: "The journey is its own reward". 
Read more about that here

A close-up of the rod and rings:

Cost breakdown:
Wall-hanging    $ 4.00
Rod                    5.00
Clips  (approx)    3.50

          Total:      $12.50

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