Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wow. Just wow.

I appreciate the vision it takes to transform a routine or discarded item into a work of household art.  I'm really grateful when the craftsperson shares their project. It gives newbies like me hope that we can do something similar and proves that style and taste are distinctly personal.

Occasionally during my forays through the DIY and decorating haven of the web, I come across a project that leaves me speechless, in the 'I would've NEVER thought of that'  way.

Look what I found this morning.


Picture these all spray painted black, with the open end of the crates facing up, the seat hinged (so that it could open and close) and covered with a toile fabric. Instant hidden storage. 


Or, perhaps the open part of the crates could face forward. There would still be storage, but you wouldn't have to open the seat to get to your items.

Beautiful project, unfortunately, I don't have the space or need for another bench. I've already got three, all homemade. I'll share those in a later post.

Here's another item I found by the same person.

The window next to the fireplace in my living room has a ledge my husband built for the cats, who love to sit high and survey what's happening in the side yard. Simon and Max would love to watch the birds feed, drink and bathe out of this.  Samantha doesn't use that ledge.

Looks simple enough: lighting fixture, dishes, spray paint. I'd modify it a bit. I'd hang the chandy off an 8 foot shepherd's hook.  I'll also paint it a different color. I'd skip the crystals.

Not sure when I'll get around to it, but I'll post it when I do.

I found both projects on 'Trash Find Redesigned' on Facebook. Go check them out.


  1. COOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Love the bench..

    Popping over from
    LOL Found you just googling lol

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Renee.

      That bench is AWESOME!

  2. Id love to have it at the foot of my bed..

  3. I wonder how they did the lamp .LOL that is cool...